Used Stamps and Foreign Coins

Our district, Rotary District 9810, collects stamps from businesses and individuals, which we on-sell to stamp collectors.  The proceeds of which are then passed onto the relevant beneficiaries. The beneficiary for this Rotary year is Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC). Stamps, both  local and international are gratefully accepted.

If you wish to contribute to this project the stamps need to come on a sizeable piece of surrounding envelope (stamps that have been soaked or steamed off cannot be sold). This project raises an amazing amount of around $2,000 each year!

If you would like to contribute to our stamp gathering we would love to hear from you. Contact Us

Foreign Coins

Another initiative that can make a difference is the collection of foreign coins, that we all bring back with us from overseas visits. These coins (notes are also welcome) are often of little value to us but can make a big difference when pooled together.  Foreign currency that is collected goes to UNICEF.  In the short time that this project has been running we have raised $3,200.

If you would like to contribute to our foreign coin gathering please Contact Us