Surfing the life….

March 11, 2019, with thanks to Lea Rohner Unbelievable that nearly half a year passed by since I first came to Australia. I had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday in Australia. It is actually the first birthday in summer for me, and so I took the opportunity and had a little beach-party with all … Continue reading Surfing the life….

Footy Tipping – are you in?

Are you in for this season? A fun way to support Onemda, the centre for learning and therapeutic development for people with disability,  is to be part of the football tipping competition. Anyone can participate - it requires two actions on your part: You need to register yourself You need to deposit the A$30.00 to … Continue reading Footy Tipping – are you in?

Every three years – we review our policies

March 20, 2019 Every three years - Rotary International reviews the policies and practices of the organisation.  This process (called the Council on Legislation) convenes in one location and is attended by a representative from every Rotary area (District) in the world - some 523 representatives gather to review, consider and decide on the suggestions, … Continue reading Every three years – we review our policies

Winners are all smiles

Saturday March 9, 2019 with thanks to Luke Bastian Lea Rohner, our current exchange student, decided to take up a new sport while here for her year. This week the baseball team she has been playing in all season won The Victorian Summer Baseball league Women's Division 3 grand final! "I'll probably look for a … Continue reading Winners are all smiles

And for a chuckle….

A mother and a baby camel were lying around, and suddenly the baby camel asked, “mother, may I ask you some questions? The mother said, “Sure! Why son, is there something bothering you? Baby said, “Why do camels have humps?” The mother said, “Well son, we are desert animals, we need the humps to store … Continue reading And for a chuckle….

Let’s launch…Wear your passion!

Wednesday March 13, 2019 As we head toward another AFL season, we launch our very popular Footy Tipping Competition in conjunction with our cluster Clubs. A 'skilled' AFL judge will give us all the heads up we may need to assist us with our tips in the season ahead. This is a joint meeting with … Continue reading Let’s launch…Wear your passion!

The Rotary Foundation

Throughout the year, we reflect and review the activities and programs of The Rotary Foundation.  The Rotary Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation funded solely by voluntary contributions from members and friends of Rotary who support its mission to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace.  The Foundation is a worldwide leader in the efforts to eradicate … Continue reading The Rotary Foundation

We welcome Bruce, and thank Keith

Wednesday March 6 A very special evening is planned.  As the image has captured, this year we have had the benefit of the services of three members, who organised their lives to be able to lead our club.  An act of Service above Self, when the member who was preparing to lead our club, passed … Continue reading We welcome Bruce, and thank Keith

Were you there?

Wednesday March 6, 2019, with thanks to Brian Negus President Keith welcomed District Governor Russell Gurney and Assistant Governor Lyndon and many guests to our mini change-over from Keith Anderson to Bruce Evans. It was also an extra special night as we inducted Edwin Micallef as a new member of our club, with his wife … Continue reading Were you there?

Shade sails complete. Tick.

February 20, 2019 Our project to provide two shade sails at the Bulleen Heights School is a completed community project! The story is told here, in pictures:                       A key fundraiser for this project is our High Tea to be held on March 31, 2019 … Continue reading Shade sails complete. Tick.

May 18 – Malaria focus

Each year – there is a special emphasis with each District leader – sometimes called the “partner’s project” or ”partners’ project”  the project reflects a passion for the District Governor and partner, for the year. This year the passion is Malaria death eradication. Shelley Gurney has intimate knowledge of the disease, having been diagnosed, together … Continue reading May 18 – Malaria focus

Smile time….

One of the frequent pieces of feedback, since we adopted our newsletter format for production and distribution has been the regret that we have not found a spot, for a contribution to provide a smile (or a giggle). Let's change that: A sales representative, an administration clerk, and their manager were walking to lunch when … Continue reading Smile time….

A taste of Dandenong

Wednesday February 20, 2019 A Club Meeting with a difference! John Bennie will 'host' Club members, partners and guests to a night of cultural exchange in the City where he works City of Dandenong - commencing with an overview of this ever changing urban activity centre and moving to a night of Afghan food, culture … Continue reading A taste of Dandenong

Peace – study opportunities

The Rotary Peace Fellowship is a unique opportunity for Masters level study. The applications are now open, and we are looking for candidates to take up this unique and rare opportunity. The opportunity to catalyze action is best explained by one who has earned and succeeded.  Click here for a two minute explanation of what … Continue reading Peace – study opportunities

Thank you – NYSF opportunity

Thank you.  These were the opening words from Breanna Teo as she provided an outline of the opportunity, challenge and career setting insights that she gained through her experience at National Youth Science Forum, in January 2019. Breanna outlined the program, in particular the use of key leaders in science to provide the group with … Continue reading Thank you – NYSF opportunity

Food, glorious food…

A Taste of Dandenong provided a memorable experience for the friends, partners and members who took the opportunity to share the experience. An overview of the emerging position of the City of Greater Dandenong, presented by John Bennie PSM, CEO of the City of Greater Dandenong, started the evening, and the image shows the personalisation … Continue reading Food, glorious food…

IWD – International Women’s Day

City of Manningham is for the first time, hosting an International Women's Day event. International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on the 8th of March and is a day to reflect on how far we have come and how far we still have to go to truly achieve gender equality.  The United Nations … Continue reading IWD – International Women’s Day

Did you sleep, enough?

It is normal to feel tired or drowsy after prolonged mental or physical effort at work. Fatigue however, is more than that. It is an acute and/or ongoing state of tiredness that leads to mental or physical exhaustion and prevents people from functioning within normal boundaries. Being awake for 17 hours impairs performance to the same level … Continue reading Did you sleep, enough?

What did you discover?

Sunday, February 17, 2019 The Rotary Exhibition of projects (held adjacent to the Rotary Conference) and located in in the Exhibition Halls - featured a number of projects from across Victoria and more broadly, with some of the programs having a global impact. Featured programs where members of our club were featured included: Smart Digital, … Continue reading What did you discover?