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Tuesday May 21, 2019
Lea Rohner – confirmation of venue and times to follow

Action Responsible Member
Vote of Thanks
Set up, meet and greet

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Wednesday May 29, 2019
Duncan Elliott – CEO North East Link Authority

Joint meeting with all clubs in City of Manningham

Action Responsible Member
Chair Brian Negus
Vote of Thanks Keith Anderson
Set up, meet and greet Stephen Fisher
Registration Michael Mimmo Luke Bastian
Emergency John Henderson

Wednesday June 5, 2019
Member behind the Badge – Linda Mackenzie

Action Responsible Member
Chair Keith Anderson
Vote of Thanks Luke Bastian
Set up, meet and greet Trevor Dawson
Registration David Chua & Brian Negus

Wednesday June 12, 2019
Primary School Speech Competition  – Venue & time details

Wednesday June 19, 2019
Tom Ware – our Rotary Scholar

Action Responsible Member
Chair John Henderson
Vote of Thanks Felix Wong
Set up, meet and greet James Cunningham
Registration Rosina Cincotta and Ken Sharpe
Emergency Brian Negus

Wednesday June 26, 2019
The Importance of water — Andrew Allan – Sustainability Engineer – Manningham City Council

Action Responsible Member
Chair John Bennie
Vote of Thanks Diane Fisher
Set up, meet and greet Michael Mimmo
Registration Peter Gurry & John Henderson
Emergency David Shrimpton