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Wednesday March 20, 2019
A new way to do Charitable Giving
Janet Hay – Member of the Rotary Action Group for Micro-finance and Community Development

Action Responsible Member
Chair Graeme Cobb
Vote of Thanks Diane Fisher
Set up, meet and greet Keith Anderson
Registration Luke Bastian and Brian Negus
Emergency Marilyn Fraser-Ryan

Wednesday March 27, 2019
Our Birthday – a celebration opportunity

Action Responsible Member
Chair Dan Hession
Vote of Thanks Ken Sharpe
Set up, meet and greet Janis McFarland
Registration Rod Simkiss, John Bennie
Emergency Felix Wong

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Wednesday April 3, 2019
A tale of how something we take for granted, improves the education, for girls
Mark Balla, Member of the Rotary Club of Box Hill Central, and the creator of the entity “We can’t wait” will share the story of how a trip to India, less than $700, and the connections and determination of two Rotarians has changed the lives of over 100,000 students.

Action Responsible Member
Chair John Henderson
Vote of Thanks John Bennie
Set up, meet and greet Stephen Fisher
Registration Megan Watson, David Shrimpton
Emergency David Chua

Wednesday April 10, 2019
Interplast – Liz Guiver

Action Responsible Member
Chair Brian Negus
Vote of Thanks Luke Bastian
Set up, meet and greet Michael Mimmo
Registration Linda McKenzie, Keith Anderson
Emergency John Henderson

Wednesday April 17, 2019
Member behind the badge – Linda Mackenzie

Action Responsible Member
Chair Graham Kane
Vote of Thanks Rod Simkiss
Set up, meet and greet Graham Cobb
Registration Luke Bastian, Janis McFarland
Emergency John Bennie

Wednesday April 24, 2019
Paula Piccinini

Action Responsible Member
Chair Trevor Dawson
Vote of Thanks Graham Kane
Set up, meet and greet David Shrimpton
Registration Peter Gurry, Rosina Cincotta
Emergency Michael Mimmo

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