President's Message: June 2020

Hello Everyone, We are now in winter and the end of another Rotary year is at hand. Well, what a year it has been. COVID -19 has dominated the news for much of 2020. Even the tragic bushfires in January seem so far away. COVID -19 has changed the world and Rotary. Our club has responded to the pandemic by launching on 22nd May "Connecting Manningham".

How Social Inclusion Benefits Business and Our Community

Here's an enlightening and uplifting presentation by Bruce Uditsky, of Inclusion Alberta (Canada) at our recent Club Zoom meeting on 3 June 2020. Bruce was up at 3.30 am Canadian time to share with us how they created almost 600 jobs for people with disabilities, with very positive social and business outcomes for both employer and employee. At this meeting, we also heard from Patricia Wilson of Belonging Matters who are doing something similar here in Melbourne.

June 2020 Programs (Connecting Manningham)

Join us this month for an opportunity to get active, get creative, relax your mind and feed your stomach. All programs are free to join. Register today as space is limited.

Automated Vehicles - Are We There Yet?

A recent presentation on the state of automated vehicles by one of our members, Brian Negus. Brian is also the Ambassador and Past President of Intelligent Transport Systems Australia, and Chair of the CICA Group. Presented at our Club video meeting of May 7th, 2020

President's message: 1 May 2020

It is now 5 weeks in lock down and 6 weeks since our last person to person Rotary meeting at the Manningham club. It does seem longer than 6 weeks, but probably because life has slowed down with home isolation. The toilet rolls and other essentials to life are starting to come back onto supermarket shelves. The number of new COVID 19 cases are slowing down and there is hope now for an easing of restrictions. But hate to add that winter is still coming. So even though we are controlling the spread of the virus through social distancing, we still have to be vigilant with what we do, and to not lose the advantages that we have gained. We are now using zoom for our meetings at club level as well as for our committee meetings.