President's Message - February

Great to see everyone back after a long break. Our club through our fund raising will be sending donations to the East Gippsland Rotary Fire appeal. There has been some concern in the media about Bushfire donations not getting to those in need straight away when donating to large organisations. We are assured that when we send direct to the Bairnsdale Rotary club that is co ordinating the East Gippsland Bushfire appeal that the monies will be used almost immediately for those in need.

Update: Rotary response to Bushfires

A quick update on the Rotary response to the Bushfires in Victoria, from our sister clubs in East Gippsland. The five Rotary Clubs of East Gippsland have come together and formed a Fire Aid Committee, pooling their collective resources to be a greater force. 100% of all funds raised will be used to benefit the East Gippsland community ....

President's Message - January 2020

Happy New Year Everyone. At the time of writing, catastrophic bushfires were raging through Australia. As to what we can do to help, we will have to wait until the fires are brought under control and then look at a coordinated approach as to ways to help. We are going to start off the Rotary year with a Fellowship dinner at the penthouse home of Keith Anderson on the 15th January. It will be a great chance to catch up and share stories about what we have been doing.