President's Message: November 2020

President's Message: November 2020

Welcome to the November Report.

Yes, it’s only about 6 weeks to go before we can say goodbye to 2020.

But behind the masks, more people are beginning to smile and look forward to better things in 2021.

Big changes have taken place in November.

In the USA, we have a new president and a new beginning.

In Victoria, we are coming out of lockdown and restrictions are being eased.

In the Rotary club of Templestowe, there is a new chair, as I will now represent our club for the next 4 months.

A big thank you to PP Brian Negus on getting us through the first part of this Rotary year.

We now have feedback from the member’s survey and from 3 member meetings for a vision, mission, and strategic plan for the next 3 years.

The results will be presented soon. Thank you to Brian Negus for putting this together.

There are exciting things ahead for us as we begin to plan for Christmas events, the return of Eltham Bunnings sausage sizzle, an Australia Day event and face to face weekly meetings.

We will be running the Australia Day event with the help of the Rotary club of Warrandyte/ Donvale and Manningham Rotaract.

Connecting Manningham project that we are running with Manningham Rotaract is continuing to reach new heights. We are beginning to develop the next phase of the program.

Our club has been providing electrical equipment to help the Rotary club of Doncaster run the Doncaster Hill Sunday market. We will be running a RCT stall at the next market on Sunday 13th December.

Planning is underway to celebrate 100 years of Rotary in Australia in 2021.

A webinar featuring Professor Brett Sutton talking about COVID 19, (what else would he talk about), will be coming up for members to attend. This webinar is being sponsored by the University of Melbourne and the Rotary club of Ballarat South.

A $5 donation to polio eradication is being asked of those who are attending.

Details of all events will be sent out to members in due course.

So, Rotarians and friends, we are in for some exciting times, and it will be great to catch up with each and everyone of you at these meetings. Especially, when we run our first face to face weekly meeting.

Until then, keep masking and keep physical distancing.


Brian Tyedin