Latest News from Rotaract Manningham

Latest News from Rotaract Manningham

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky to have Vicki Martinez from your club visit Manningham Rotaract and run an amazing strategic planning session.

After a cheerful but relatively slow start to the year, having Vicki come in and engage with our club boosted everyone's mood and motivation, and really revitalised the atmosphere in the club. Last year, since we were focused on chartering and were still unsure about a lot of the processes involved in being a successful Rotaract club, we unfortunately had a lot events fall by the wayside; I think a contributor to this was a lack of understanding of our major passions and interests, and how these could be used to create goals that are not only achievable but are also exciting.

Vicki ran a hugely informative and successful planning session that provided our club with direction and a sense of purpose that I think most of our members (particularly some of the newer ones) were previously lacking.  Her presentation was incredibly engaging from a visual point of view and also hugely interactive, as it provided everyone in the club with a voice to express their opinions without fear of judgement or censorship.

As a group, we created a vision statement for the next 5 years of our club, as well as ways of measuring our success and a series of priorities that matched the interests we all determined were our greatest collective passion.

The meeting was not only focused on what we could do in the future, but also gave us the opportunity to reflect on how our club was tracking currently in aspects such as governance, fellowship, and community.

Through conversation with the whole club, we were able to determine our major priorities for each of these three areas, which we are using as a direct focus for 2020.  The way Vicki facilitated the session meant that everyone had a voice to suggest different topics but the ultimate decision was anonymous, which allowed for people to put their opinions and values forth without worrying about judgement from other members of the club.

For governance, we are focusing on effective delegation, ownership, and active participation by our club members, as well as providing mentoring opportunities for our club members, both within our club and hopefully between our club and the Rotary clubs in the cluster.

For fellowship, we are aiming to improve our participation in social events, including team bonding, social media, advertisement, and inviting and following up with new members.

For community and service, we are focusing on sexuality and sex health and social isolation, which has become a major topic in the last few weeks as the restrictions on social gatherings get more intense.

One of the direct benefits of this meeting and our focus on both fellowship and social isolation is that our club has grown closer and taken action to support other members in a time where social support is simultaneously more difficult and more important than ever. During this time when in-person meetings are not feasible, we have started a "COVID-free zone" social meeting time where we can laugh, share positivity, and crack a smile in a difficult time.

Although we're not able to plan events for the immediate future, we are keeping active and using this time of physical inactivity to stretch our community and charity muscles and brainstorm ways to help the community recover from this pandemic.

Vicki has done our club a huge service by offering us her skills, and we would like to acknowledge her extraordinary work in helping us define, and in the future achieve, our goals.  I feel that our club has grown closer than ever, which is an incredibly valuable thing to see and experience in this time of uncertainty.

Stay safe and healthy, and please let us know if there is anything our club can do to support Templestowe.

Warm regards,
Rotaract Club of Manningham | Secretary