Homemade Preserves, Anyone?

Homemade Preserves, Anyone?

If you fancy some local homemade preserves, give these a try.  All proceeds go towards supporting our sister club, Rotary Club of Manningham with their community projects.

Here are some of the delicious preserves on offer:

  • Orange and Lemon Marmalade
  • Feijoa Jam
  • Cumquat Marmalade
  • Cumquat and Cointreau Conserve
  • Feijoa, Apple and Ginger Jam
  • Raspberry, Plum and Apple
  • Orange and Whiskey Marmalade
  • Mandarin and Lemon Marmalade
  • Sweet Orange Marmalade
  • Orange and Mandarin Marmalade

Products will be delivered to you , and you can find more details here.