Presidents Message - March

Presidents Message - March

We have had some great speakers at our meetings during March – Helen Jurcevic (Manningham Women’s Friendship group), Carmen Stenta (member talk) and Ken Fraser at our Footy Launch night.

As well as that we had a club assembly.

The Footy Launch was a fantastic night of nostalgia of what football was like in the 60’s with stories from Ken Fraser about Ted Whitten, Ron Barassi and other football legends. Peter “Crackers” Keenan got a special mention.

We also had a handball through the loop competition with a blind folded Ken Fraser, Thorold Merrett, Keith Anderson (as Chris Judd) and Barry Halpern (as Sean Burgoyne)

A second handball through the loop competition without blindfolds was held later for the members from REAL.

REAL is the charity that the Footy tipping competition is raising funds for this year.

The District Conference is coming up this month and our exchange student Emma will be attending.

Also ahead for us in March is our 43rd anniversary on 25th March.

A lot of planning is going into this event and it will be a great night of celebration.

The corona virus COVID- 19 is very much in the news.

We do need to take a responsible approach to this situation.

The precautions for us to consider, to reduce the spread of this virus in the community, would be to quarantine ourselves from the community if we have just come back from affected overseas places, or have been in contact with anyone who has.

If you are not feeling well, and are coughing or have a temperature, avoid contact with others until you are better. See a Medical practitioner if you suspect that you may have the corona virus.

Even if it is the common cold, or the flu, it is better to stay away from meetings or large gatherings of the public as it will also spread to others and will challenge their immune system. This may then be disastrous if they also contract CoVid 19 as well as the flu.

The age group at risk is the over 70’s

Children do not seem to be affected as much, but they can pass the virus onto their teachers, parents and grandparents.

Have a think about how we greet one another, handshake, and in some cases, hugs and kisses. It is how the virus has spread in some communities.

The Corona virus COVID 19 may well alter the way society functions.


Brian Tyedin