My experience at the National Youth Science Forum (Tiffany Diamond)

My experience at the National Youth Science Forum (Tiffany Diamond)

Unfortunately, my time in Canberra at the Year 12 Program was cut short after being there for five days due to the unsafe weather conditions from our current bushfires, however, my short time there was still a truly wonderful experience for me.

A large benefit for me attending the NYSF program would most definitely be the new friendships I made while on session. I didn't have much time with my fellow NYSF students in Canberra but I truly believe that I have made some lifelong friends at camp all across Australia. It was amazing meeting so many people from difference places who had such similar interests to me in the fields of science and being able to connect with them so quickly. I was nervous approaching the program as I didn't know anyone also attending my session but I was able to meet people online before I got to session and though our 10 hour bus ride up to Canberra, I was able to get to know many people and by the end of our travel we had already become great friends.

One of the lectures at NYSF was about climate science and the way in which we currently measure the fire danger ratings in Australia and I found this talk extremely interesting and also very relevant to our current situation with the bushfires across Australia.

We also participated in a couple social events like swing dancing and a science disco which were so much fun and a great way to get to know everyone on session. Another highlight go my NYSF experience was attending talks run by the student staff, or staffie’s as we called them, about year 12, advice and tips for the year and setting and achieving our goals. I found these presentations really insightful and helpful for year 12 especially because many of the staffies had very recently finished high school and could give direct advice from their experiences.

Through all of the challenges of at the NYSF Session A 2020, I am proud to say that we all supported one another and were able to have an amazing and fun time. I am greatly thankful to the National Youth Science Forum for this wonderful opportunity and Templestowe Rotary Club for supporting my NYSF experience.