President's Message: February 2021

President's Message: February 2021

Welcome to the February Report.   

We are now back to face to face weekly meetings at the Manningham club for 2021. 

Committee meetings are still on zoom for convenience. 

On 26.1.21, we ran an Australia Day community lunch as a joint project with the Rotary club of Warrandyte Donvale. 

We utilised a grant from the National Australia Day Council to provide a free lunch and entertainment for volunteer community groups in Manningham at the Doncaster Shoppingtown Hotel. It was attended by 105 from community groups and 54 Rotarians and partners.  

Rotarians were from all the 4 cluster clubs plus 3 members of Manningham Rotaract. DGE Daryl and AG Kehela were also present. 

Rotarians paid for their lunch, so that we could use the NADC grant to invite more volunteers from other organisations and recognise them for their contribution to our community. 

Feedback from the community groups was that they valued being included in the celebrations, and to be recognised for contributing to community. 

They congratulated Rotary for putting on a very well organised event. 

Congratulations also to the late Margaret Cunningham for being awarded posthumously an OAM  on Australia Day for her work with Days for Girls. 

The Doncaster Hill Rotary Market, a joint project of the Rotary clubs of Doncaster and Templestowe is now on the first Sunday of every month.  

It rained for our first one in 2021. 

Doesn’t the weather man know that it is supposed to be summer? 

Coming up is our Chinese New Year Celebration on Wednesday 17th February at Wealth Kitchen Chinese Restaurant.  

We have also invited our cluster clubs to join us.   

It will be goodbye to the year of the Rat, and welcome to the year of the Ox. 

Then there is the footy tipping competition launch which will be hosted by the Rotary club of Manningham on Monday 22nd February. 

Planning is also underway for many projects in 2021, however the uncertainty of COVID is going to affect our plans through this year. 

The Club mini Presidential Change over to Felix, the 3rd Co President, will be on 3rd March. 

During this Rotary year, we have worked in partnership with other Rotary clubs on some successful projects.   

I am pleased that there is great spirit of cooperation between cluster clubs and a real closeness developing with clubs being able to work together. 

So thank you to everyone for having me back as one of the Presidents for this year.  It has been fun. 

I am now looking forward to Felix taking the reins to lead us in the next 4 months with a big finish for this Rotary year. 

Brian Tyedin