Club Meeting 11 August 2021 – Third Age Fitness: Carol Edmeades

Tonight, we welcome Carol Edmeades, Managing Director of Third Age Fitness. Third Age Fitness has the philosophy that age is no barrier to exercise. Too often we see older adults underestimated, either by themselves or by others around them, but we believe that with a little encouragement, and in the right environment, older adults can build and maintain their physical and mental well being to a level that will see them enjoy and participate in life to the fullest.

District Governor's Club Visit 4 August 2021

DG Daryl Moran and partner Jenny Moran will address Templestowe Rotary on 4 August 2021. Our DG will introduce his program for 2021-2022. Ms Jenny Moran will introduce her project Days for Girls. Partners are especially welcome and encouraged to attend.

Join Us in A Night of Celebration

July 3 is Changeover Night for us, as we farewell The Three Musketeers and welcome Luke Bastian as our President. Despite the twists and turns of the last twelve months, we’ve grown and achieved so much as a club, and this will truly be an evening of celebration. Bookings are through - we hope to see you all there!