John Henderson – Paul Harris Fellow recognition

John has 38 years’ service with our club!  He was District Governor in 1995-1996, has held a great many roles at the District level and continues to contribute to our club each year.

John provides balanced advice to all club members and is very much the ‘esteemed statesman’ in our club He helps keep us on an even keel, is always the voice of reason and is highly respected in this club.  John has also been our Brain Cancer Research champion over the last three years.

This year we had a tough task for John. At the beginning of 2017/18 we realised that we had lost 17 members in the previous two years! We needed to find out why and John agreed to carry out exit interviews with these members. He did a fantastic job and I am sure it wasn’t an easy task. No one else in the club could have done this. The information that we gained has been invaluable feedback to take the club forward in the future.

Through doing this John really has MADE A DIFFERENCE in our club in the last year and for this we are very grateful.

We are delighted to present to John the Paul Harris Fellow with two rubies.