Graeme Cobb – Paul Harris Fellow recognition

Graeme has 18 years’ service with our club and has done a huge amount for community over the years and has been community director on several occasions.

Graeme is always enthusiastic and practical and ensures community projects run smoothly and are successful.

In this last year he lead a committee that carried out extensive research in our community and  came up with a long list of potential new community projects. From that list the Community Committee recommended that we proceed with the ‘Bulleen Heights School Shade Sails Project’, which was enthusiastically endorsed by the Board and club members.

Graeme is also our club ‘GRANTS GURU’ and has been successful in this Rotary year of bringing in just over $9,000 in grants into the club!

In addition, he is likely to bring in a further $15,000 in the next Rotary year with $8,500 of that already confirmed.

Graeme has certainly MADE A DIFFERENCE in our club in the last Rotary year.

We are delighted to recognise Graeme with a second sapphire and present him with a Paul Harris Fellow with two sapphires.