Felix Wong – Eagle Leadership Award

The Eagle Leadership Award, initiated by Past President Andrew Hogendijk in 2002, acknowledges members who have demonstrated leadership over and above expectation.  The award recognises that major steps forward by a Rotary Club can only occur when people step up and take a leadership stand to inspire and motivate others to achieve great things.

Felix Wong has MADE A DIFFERENCE to our club this year. He has further developed our club’s relatively new website and developed a way of keeping it up to date on a weekly basis.

He has done the same with our club Facebook page which now has 412 ‘likes’ and is growing all the time.

Now all our club events listed in our newsletter appear on both the website and Facebook page regularly.

In collaboration with Diane Fisher he is about to implement an electronic newsletter which will take readers directly to our website, which is a huge advance.  This has shown strong leadership and innovation and we would like to recognise Felix.