David Chua – Paul Harris Fellow recognition

David Chua joined our club in August 2016.  Even though he works long hours and often arrives late to meetings, he still attends!  David hosted our exchange student Neele Huebner in his home for three months in July – October 2017. He has also offered to host our next student who is due to arrive later this month.

He has worked very hard on club projects, like Finns Festival and linked our club with his children’s Birralee school so we could assist in their school Fete.

David is going to be Youth Services Director of our club for the 2018-2019 Rotary year.

Congratulations on all you have done at Rotary David. You have really MADE A DIFFERENCE to the club in this Rotary year.   We are delighted to present David with the certificate and regalia demonstrating his naming as a Paul Harris Fellow.