September is Education and Literacy month

Throughout the calendar, Rotary International designates specific focus for different months of the year. September is designated Basic Education and Literacy. Literacy can mean many things, including the ability to differentiate between fact and fiction - an essential skill in the world in which we live, with fingertip fact checking available, news that is without … Continue reading September is Education and Literacy month

One day. One focus:ending Polio

October 24 - every year, is World Polio Day. Thousands of Rotary Clubs around the world seek to raise the awareness to progress the global initiative to end polio. What will you do?  On October 24, this year. What would you like to know, about how the second disease in human history will become just … Continue reading One day. One focus:ending Polio

Stroke Prevention

Wednesday September 4, 2019 There are some stroke risk factors that you cannot do anything about, such as age, being male, family history or already having a prior stroke. But for most Australians, you can reduce your risk and help prevent stroke by taking some simple steps: Make time for a health check for stroke … Continue reading Stroke Prevention

Shelter Box Australia

Having somewhere dry and warm to sleep, to prepare meals and be with your family is vital for starting the long process of rebuilding your life. ShelterBox teams work with disaster-hit families around the world, offering emergency shelter and other essential items to support them in rebuilding their lives. Every disaster is different and so is every community, so we spend … Continue reading Shelter Box Australia

Our club, our direction

Wednesday August 28, 2019 AS we step into the new year we take the opportunity to outline the plans for the year.   The Club Forum is a time to take a view on what we can do differently in our world, to influence our community. We welcome all our readers to this evening. RSVP Edwin … Continue reading Our club, our direction

One day there will be no nuclear weapons

We are grateful to UN for this article Since nuclear weapons testing began on 16 July 1945, nearly 2,000 have taken place. In the early days of nuclear testing little consideration was given to its devastating effects on human life, let alone the dangers of nuclear fallout from atmospheric tests. Hindsight and history have shown … Continue reading One day there will be no nuclear weapons

International Youth Day

August 12 is celebrated as International Youth Day. International Youth Day is an awareness day, designated by the United Nations.  The purpose of the day is to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youth. The 2019 theme for International Youth Day is “Transforming education” and this highlights the efforts … Continue reading International Youth Day

VEX Robotics Team – Templestowe College

Wednesday August 14, 2019     The face book post says it all! Join us as we listen to the strategies, successes and outcomes from the team. We provided some of the sponsorship and we look forward to understanding how the team competed in this multi national competition.    

Hear the finalists…..

Wednesday August 21, 2019 We invite you to celebrate the two primary school speech competitions that we have run and join us to hear the finalists from the two competitions.  Assured to be a night of awe and amazement and certainly entertaining, please join us as we present the finalists from both competitions. Here's the … Continue reading Hear the finalists…..

Young Achiever in your business?

The Business Excellence Awards of Manningham are open.   As a sponsor of this program, we encourage all our readers to consider candidates for these awards, and this week we feature the Young Achievers Award if you have an outstanding Young Achiever in your business, or if you are 25 years of age, or under, … Continue reading Young Achiever in your business?

Update – Our Story on Human Trafficking

Friday August 2, 2019   For our readers with an interest in our article on Human Trafficking  - click here for the link to blog which will open on a new tab - the announcement by our Federal Government to fight human trafficking in Southeast Asia, is very welcome. The details of the initiative, its … Continue reading Update – Our Story on Human Trafficking

Our members… Brian Negus

A new segment for our club - as we get to know our members.  Last week we gave Brian Negus three minutes for an update, and then followed it up with three questions: Your background has been in transport – water, rail, road, pedestrian, public, private.  What would you say is your passion? My career … Continue reading Our members… Brian Negus

Hosted by St Gregory the Great Primary School

July 31, 2019 The second of the Primary School Speech Contests was held on July 31, 2019 - hosted by St Kevin's Primary School. Here's a snap shot of the evening.  Congratulations to all who participated. Each of the prize winners received a cash prize (in the form of a bank account) from our key … Continue reading Hosted by St Gregory the Great Primary School

Why the last mile is important

Story Written By: Diana Schoberg, Rotary International We are grateful to Rotary International for this story which is an interview with Michael K. McGovern, International PolioPlus Committee Chair   1. There were more cases of wild poliovirus in 2018 than in 2017. Should we be discouraged?   No, not at all. We’ve always expected the … Continue reading Why the last mile is important

365,000 down to 32. How?

Wednesday August 7, 2019 Polio – the ‘human virus’ – its symptoms include a sore throat, stomach pain and it can cause nausea, tiredness and fever.  The more serious cases affect the brain and spinal cord which can result in death.  In 1985, 1000 children per day in over 125 countries were affected by polio, … Continue reading 365,000 down to 32. How?

Meet Shekhar Mehta…

Shekhar Mehta, of the Rotary Club of Calcutta-Mahanagar, West Bengal, India, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2021-22. He will be declared the president-nominee on 1 October if no challenging candidates have been suggested.  Click here for the Rotary International web site for the full story.

United Nations World Day against Trafficking in Persons

July 30, 2019   World Day against Trafficking in Persons 2019 is held on July 30th 2019, and is an annual event. People trafficking and modern day slavery is a massive worldwide problem with very few countries immune to human trafficking, and the event by the United Nations is to raise awareness and increase prevention of … Continue reading United Nations World Day against Trafficking in Persons

Gen Z, do it better

The Rotaract Club of Manningham was chartered on July 20, 2019 and attending the event were three members of our club:  Brian Tyedin, David Chua and Diane Fisher. Here are some observations from David... 1)  Not that it mattered too much but the weather was awesome and the venue was fantastic especially with the views … Continue reading Gen Z, do it better

5 ways our work against polio, benefits

This story was originally published on the web site. We are grateful to Rotary International for the ability to publish this story. Story Written By:Daniela Garcia   Polio, and the lifelong paralysis it can cause especially in young children, became preventable when Dr. Jonas Salk introduced the polio vaccine in 1955. Since Rotary and … Continue reading 5 ways our work against polio, benefits