Ratatouille – upcoming film event – no charge

Friday February 8, 2019The Rotary Club of Templestowe will partner with the Manningham Council and Heide Museum of Modern Art to present a “POP UP CINEMA at HEIDE” event on Friday 8th February on site at the Heide Museum. Time: Public Entry from 6.00pm, with the film commencing at sunset. Address: Heide Museum of Modern … Continue reading Ratatouille – upcoming film event – no charge

Leading Manningham into the future

Wednesday January 23, 2019 Andrew Day has been in the role of CEO at Manningham City Council for one, short quarter only - but long enough to have developed a sound understanding of key, municipal challenges, needs and opportunities. Andrew will share his early perspectives on this popular City and the direction he - and … Continue reading Leading Manningham into the future

Andrew Day – CEO, City of Manningham

Wednesday January 23, 2019 As the first hundred days in the role, draws to a close, Andrew Day took up the invitation to address Templestowe Rotary Club and shared some insights into our City, and its management. Our City and its management is vastly more than rates, roads and rubbish. In fact there are over … Continue reading Andrew Day – CEO, City of Manningham

Kids Hope Aus, says “thank you”

January 17, 2019 Received by Keith Anderson on January 17, 2019, Bev Fraser writes: "Would you please pass on our thanks from the Kids Hope team for your wonderful Christmas hampers again this year.  The families were very pleased with them and also the gifts for the children.  We are so blessed to have such … Continue reading Kids Hope Aus, says “thank you”

Emma writes…

January 2019 Landing in Germany and hosted by the Rotary Club of Giessen Altes Schloss, Emma has sent a few words covering the first couple of weeks of her exchange experience. Taken from the monthly report form - we can learn School, friends and social activities: School is currently good, challenging for I don't know … Continue reading Emma writes…

Save the date! March 31, 2019

You are invited to join us for High Tea When?:  Sunday 31st March 2019, What time?:2:30 pm to 5:00 pm Where?At Bulleen Heights Primary School, 49 – 61 Pleasant Road, Bulleen Why?:  Proceeds will go to installing Shade Sails at the Secondary Campus in Manningham Rd Cost: $45.00 pp (to be confirmed) Please put this date … Continue reading Save the date! March 31, 2019

IWD – International Women’s Day 2019

Here's a save the date for your diary: Inner Wheel Club of Boronia is holding an International Women's Day event on Sunday 3rd March, 2019. 12:00 p.m. for a 12:30 start, it is a High Tea Luncheon at Rosebank North, Warrandyte Road Ringwood North. In aid of the Women Helping Women Project in Fiji the … Continue reading IWD – International Women’s Day 2019

New Year’s resolution?

How about the Ride for Medical Research? Nar Nar Goon to Grantville! (the long way round). Click here for the full website of information. The ride is fully supported with a vehicle crew and riders follow a lead vehicle with a follow vehicle for each riding group.  Riders travel in groups that share the same … Continue reading New Year’s resolution?

Service beyond borders

Imagine a world where there are hundreds of volunteers, working for the benefit of over a 250,000 patients... Peace and prosperity are marked in many ways, and the reach of the health system is one of the markers. Click here for the story of Rajendra (Raja) Saboo and his current challenge to enable a medical … Continue reading Service beyond borders

If we want a better, kinder society

This column will occasionally capture the wisdom of writers whose work is in the public domain. One opinion piece, authored by Amanda Vanstone, is worthy of your reading time. If you didn't see the column in The Age on January 7, 2019 - take a moment, click here, and enjoy the contemplative read. We acknowledge … Continue reading If we want a better, kinder society

Starting a community Rotaract Club

As we work as one of the four Rotary Clubs in the City of Manningham to create a Rotaract Club, there are some comments from which we can take some comfort (and action) that are offered by Rhett Martin. Rhett Martin is the Charter President of the Rotaract Club of Silverton, Oregon and he was … Continue reading Starting a community Rotaract Club

Shade sails Bulleen Heights School

Update on our project This project was initiated during the 2017/18 Rotary year under Community Director Graeme Cobb and his committee and continued in the 2018/19 Rotary year with Rod Simkiss and his committee. The Rotary Club of Templestowe has partnered with the Bulleen Heights School to provide much needed shaded areas for their Autistic … Continue reading Shade sails Bulleen Heights School

Odyssey House – a celebration

Each year, we provide a sense of Christmas for the residents at Odyssey House.  This year was no different as James Cunningham reveals: Our members plus a member from our newly forming Manningham Rotaract Club, joined together for the annual Odyssey House barbecue.  Santa rocked up literally with all the kids following his dance steps.  … Continue reading Odyssey House – a celebration

50 years, now that takes commitment…

Ken and Angela married on 28th December, 1968 and celebrated the occasion with 60 friends at the picturesque Mornington Golf Course on Saturday, 22nd December. We enjoyed a delicious meal and were entertained by amusing recollections from Ken and his Family.  gela`s brother, Donal, had us in stitches disclosing Ken`s “secret” for a happy married … Continue reading 50 years, now that takes commitment…

Protecting our Children…

Wednesday January 30, 2019 Ken Mirams, District Youth Protection Officer will present an interactive and insightful program on the current status of our responsibilities in the youth programs that we offer in our community.  Included in the presentation will be the nuances of the "Rotary District Form 3" which has been a topic of conversation … Continue reading Protecting our Children…

A conversation with Rosalind McMorrow

Wednesday December 5, 2018 Rotary offers many opportunities to contribute.  The motto 'Service above Self' is an indic ator of the size of the opportunity that exists, for every member, every day. A teacher by training with a passion for English, literature and theology Rosalind took us through the journey of opportunities to contribute.  The … Continue reading A conversation with Rosalind McMorrow

Jamie writes

November......... the year's end is approaching quite quickly isn’t it? But I’ll let you know I am spending as much of the time I have left, doing everything I love! And really making the most of it. My month started with a visit to the autumn market in Basel that was full of roller coasters, … Continue reading Jamie writes

I like it hot….

These were the fine words of Lea early last week. We are not sure whether the efforts at the Bunnings BBQ were quite what Lea had in mind. Friday December 7, created a number of records in terms of heat, over night lows and yet Lea joined the team to prepare the BBQ - a … Continue reading I like it hot….

Honors for polio eradication

The pursuit of the goal to eradicate (only) the second disease from our globe, continues. Rotary has honored Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom with the Polio Eradication Champion Award. Rotary recognizes UK Prime Minister Theresa May with polio champion award December 4 - adding the comments from our Facebook post: A reader … Continue reading Honors for polio eradication