President’s Message – October

The Tigers are the Premiers for 2019. Congratulations to all Tiger supporters and commiserations to all other supporters .

For the Tiger premiers, they can celebrate for a week or more while all other clubs have already started planning for next year with trades, delistings, draft picks, new strategies and for some clubs, new coaches.

In the same way with Rotary – we are always continually planning for the future.

I don’t know about trades and delistings in Rotary, but might be something that could be considered.

We do however change the coach or President each year and work on a succession plan for future years.

The Nomination committee has been very active in this regard and the future of our club looks well in hand for the next few years.

Planning is continuing for many of the activities ahead for this year.

The Manningham Family Festival at Finns plus a whole range of community activities are well into the planning stages.

In September we had the final of the Footy tipping competition which was hosted by the Manningham club

Congratulations to the winners who were :

  • Laura Mimmo
  • Anthony Fernandez
  • Diane Fisher
  • Wooden Spoon – Ken Sharpe

The joint project of Footy tipping by the Rotary clubs of Doncaster, Templestowe and Manningham raised $1400 for Onemda.

A presentation to Onemda will be organized soon.

The “Before I die wall “ at Jackson Court at the Three Monkeys Place was in need of repairs as it was becoming loose.

An expert job was done by Rod Simkiss and Edwin Micallef to repair and refix the wall to the brickwork . A new chalk container was also supplied.

This wall has been of great community benefit and was a Rotary club of Templestowe initiative 5 years ago.

During September we also had a fascinating person behind the badge talk by Vicki Martinez – What hasn’t she done?

We also welcomed Carmen Stenta and Mark into our club.

Other guest speakers at our club meetings spoke on Stroke prevention and the Rotary project of Wheel chairs for kids.

Have a great week in Rotary.