Attributes of women leaders

This article is supplied by Rotary International – the link to the full article appears at the end of this extract.

Kathleen Rose attended the International Convention in Hamburg and presented on being a change maker – here is her article, published on the Rotary International blog site:

“If ever there were a time to focus on the work of leadership, the development of leadership skills, and the debate around qualified leadership, it is now. Especially for women. It’s time to deepen our commitment to Rotary’s values through service, innovation, and setting priorities that reflect the needs of our communities. We need to build new relationships that will strengthen the impact of Rotary worldwide.

Common attributes of women leaders

I have found that women leaders today who are ready to do the thoughtful work around change share the following attributes:

  • They understand the importance of human connection away from technology and keep it as a priority.
  • They are curious and creative and ask questions that lead to comprehension.
  • They look beyond the obvious and provide solutions by using a systems-based ideology that help others stay engaged.
  • They are unafraid of transparency in voice and action, and are willing to care for others with authenticity.
  • They share their personal growth stories…but in alignment with the growth they experience in the workplace. Lessons are real and meaningful.
  • They take purposeful actions and show emotional intelligence in practice, rarely apologizing for showing both strength and emotion in making key decisions.”

The article in full, including the full audio presentation from Hamburg – entitled Advancing Women as Leaders is on this link.  Click Here