Our members… Brian Negus

A new segment for our club – as we get to know our members.  Last week we gave Brian Negus three minutes for an update, and then followed it up with three questions:

Your background has been in transport – water, rail, road, pedestrian, public, private.  What would you say is your passion?

My career has involved all aspects of the transport sector, from planning Victoria’s transport networks, roads and public transport construction and management, traffic signals computer control and management, and planning for future automated transport. My passion is to improve transport facilities for all members of our diverse community, and to promote smart solutions to improve the operation, safety, and sustainability of all transport modes.

You’re now retired but still very connected with the future of transport.   What would you say is the future direction of transport in our State?  What might we see in the next decade, in Victoria?

In Victoria, we are seeing an all-time high in constructing transport projects to address the community’s needs. We now need action on a bi-partisan front to better plan our urban areas in Melbourne, and regional Victoria, to give people better options for how they live and work. Over the next decade I expect to see a continuation of the delivery of transport projects, and the use of smart technology to improve how our roads and public transport operate. We will also see the cars we drive with even more technology to improve safety, but also the introduction of increasing levels of automated operation.

What is something that our members would not know about you?

Apart from professional and Rotary life, I have a passion for ballroom dancing, where Carol and I met, and BC, I learnt and taught ballroom dancing, and competed in Championships with the Australian Dancing Society. My artistic bent is now ballet and Carol and I have subscribed to the Australian Ballet for about 50 years.

Our next profile will be Peter Gurry.