So long, farewell…..

A wise mentor once said:

There are times to come, and times to go, and my time to go, has come.  Lea’s time to say farewell, has come.
sand in an hour glassIt is with both sadness and many, many happy memories that we will bid farewell to Lea Rohner who has been with us, co-sponsored by the Rotary Club of Warrandyte-Donvale.  This invitation is open to all readers of our newsletter

Lea’s flight from Melbourne will be on Saturday July 6, 2019, so we will take the opportunity to share our wishes with Lea and the families who have hosted her.

Date Friday July 5, 2019
Time 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Address Home of Carolyn Minter & Luke Bastian
any queries please call:
Luke Bastian 0425 726 930
Could you…. please bring a plate to share and a bottle to share