Safari – Day 15 and 5 sleeps left

Luke Bastian, who with Perri and Lea are part of the Rotary Youth Exchange Safari have provided another update.

Mother nature can be a fickle mistress. Patiently whittling away the arid inland sea over millions of years into stony monoliths, or in a single burst of fury can render lives, dreams and resorts shattered.

The 90’s calling card to come and “Get Wrecked” on Great Keppel Island lives on in a generations memory only. That and the evident ruins of a once thriving business, now with boarded up broken windows, overgrown airstrip, destroyed jetty, buried pathway, routing timbers and fallen lampposts.

The ferry ride over to the island was…. memorable.

Boat trip to Great KeppelRough? Yes. Dry? Decidedly not. Brief? Debatable.

But once there we had an idyllic day, the highlight for most were the beach bbq, canoeing, snorkeling, and jet-ski ride.

Idyllic in location and accessibility, it’s beauty

Luke & Perri snorkling
Perri and Luke in full snorkeling gear – we are making the assumption that Lea took the photo!

and attraction still present in spades. So too the resilience of the the handful of locals that serve the tourist trade, often with the dregs of the resort still being utilized.

Their resignation is clear: it’s just Keppel now.

And we still have to get back on the ferry!!