On safari – we are up to day 9

Luke Bastian, continues the reporting from the Safari

Day 9 of 20

This morning’s early start is unlikely to be our last. Still, we are getting better, time-wise at least. But if you ask our neighbours at the caravan park they might not measure our pre-dawn departure so charitably. (Especially once our vocal Europeans checked the overnight soccer scores!)

We went up ANZAC Hill on the way out of town, to watch the ISS fly over the twilight outback, say farewell to the Alice, and watch the Sun rise as we sang Happy birthday to Perri.

Parrot on the headStopping for a pie at the Ti Tree pub for morning tea, we only did a quick “drive-through” of the Devil’s Marbles. Two reasons for the choice not to stop: cultural sensitivity about climbing these sites has changed dramatically; and the students voted to ‘hold on’ till a better toilet option than the long-drop that was offered.

After almost 2000 kms trekking North since our first night, we had lunch at a generously named ‘dam’ just outside of Tenant Creek and took a right turn to head towards the QLD coast. The landscape has been downhill since Alice, and termite mounds are now a common feature.

Now we’ve seen our fair share of cattle grids, heard about the dingo and rabbit proof fences but technology must have come a long way recently. Overheard was one of the German students proclaiming that “the flies are ONLY in the NT, so we’re almost done with them.”