On safari…

Wednesday April 10:

Rock to Reef Safari Day 3 saw an early breakfast and pre dawn farewell to Coober Pedy.

Students atUlaruOn the road to Uluru we crossed the border on an otherwise uneventful long haul through the outback with the rising sun over our right shoulder.  All the students take turns setting up the portable kitchen for meals (for the cooks), and there’s a roster for cleaning the coach.

Last night we stayed in a bunk house carved out of the cool hillside, but with 49 bodies it was surprisingly warm. The school at this opal town is one of the only places in town that has green grass! And a swimming pool that doubles as their public baths in after-school hours.

Tonight we should arrive at the rock in time to set up tents before the sunset. With the exchange students varied technical ability, this camping baptism should be fun to watch, at least the first time.

With flag