Toilet Warrior

What we learned, how we can help

Toilet Warrior imageLast week (April 3, 2019) our conversation was with Mark Balla. Making a difference, and being an inspiration were not the motives for Mark.  He was working in India, when he and a colleague visited a school abd discovered that there were no toilets at the school.

The impact:

  • The teacher didn’t drink during the day – no facilities
  • Each month, school stopped while the monthly menstruation for the teacher, was managed at home
  • Families had to look after the children when school stopped.


The impacts were significant:

  • the dignity of the teacher,
  • the health of all at the school through reduced hydration,
  • and the economic impacts on the community through reduced education,
  • reduced family income when the school was not in session, and parents could not send the children to school.
  • female students at the school progressively ceased attending, resulting in reduced education, and employment opportunity through lower education.

Mark and his colleague posed the question “what would it take for us to put a toilet into this school?”.  The answer USD$750.00

Thousands of toilet installations later, and hundreds of thousands of students who regularly attend school, and teachers who are able to attend school, without interruption and Mark’s simple question has begun to be answered.

Mark’s journey has been recorded and proceeds from the sale of the book contribute funds towards the growing movement to build toilets in schools.

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