A new way to do charitable giving…

Wednesday March 20, 2019

Yunus - book imageMicrocredit created by Dr Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh, has been around since the 1970’s and has offered the ultra-poor a dignified pathway out of poverty. Social Business is a new approach where all profits from a business are used to serve human problems. Dr. Yunus says a Social Business allows the selfless side of our personalities to be expressed through business. Because the company is dedicated to the social cause, the whole idea of making personal profit is removed from the business. It is a model of economic generosity that is gaining world wide traction. Rotary has a group called Rotary Action Group for Microfinance and their website is http://www.ragm.org.

Janet Hay, will be our guest speaker and provide an insight into this approach to changing the world in which we live.