Surfing the life….

March 11, 2019, with thanks to Lea Rohner

Unbelievable that nearly half a year passed by since I first came to Australia.

I had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday in Australia. It is actually the first birthday in summer for me, and so I took the opportunity and had a little beach-party with all my friends. It was awesome to spend the day by the water going swimming and just having a great time with my friends!

Lea and surfboardsBut that was just one of the several trips to the beach. I fell in love with the salt water and the slight breeze, the people and just the laid-back lifestyle close to the sea. I also had my first experience with surfing. I was expecting it to be really difficult and that I probably won’t even manage to stand up on the board properly. But as it turns out I am a little bit of a “natural talent” as my surf coach would describe. (I just call it luck). After a few hours and a lot of swallowed water I could manage to stand up and “ride the wave”. I was amazing and reminded me a lot of skiing at home. After that I just wanted to come back and do it again, so Phillipe Lynn and I (we are all exchange students) decided to do a two-day course at Torquay. Luckily Lynn’s host family had some relatives down at the peninsula where we could stay the night. The three of us were extremely excited and spent the whole day surfing and having fun. It was so remarkable once you paddled out of the bay, just you the surfboard and the infinite water around you.

November - Lea and people on beach

As soon as the holidays started, I got invited by Michael Mimmo and his family to spend some time at Safety Beach where they had a beach house. It was truly amazing, and I want to thank the whole family to take me along.

We spent most of the time at the beach or on their boat. I have never been on a boat before and the experience was great. We drove out and along the beautiful cliffs and went for a swim. Another time we went out to go fishing. Even though we haven’t caught anything we saw a beautiful sunset and had a good time. I also met a lot of new people most of whom where Italians. Whenever some of them came over the house was filled with voices laughter and a lot of good food. On New Year’s Eve we just went to the veranda on top of the holiday house to watch the firework. Luckily there was a man in the neighbourhood who did his own firework. It was ginormous and lasted for over half an hour. A great start into two thousand and nineteen.

All in all my 2018 was amazing an remarkable. A year I will never forget and I just want to say thanks to Rotary to make all this possible, without you I wouldn’t be were I am now, happier than ever before!