Winners are all smiles

Saturday March 9, 2019

with thanks to Luke Bastian

Baseball winners - Lea Rohner
If you’re not sure which one of these champions is Lea, she is in the back row, third from the right -and she looks like the medal is worth eating!

Lea Rohner, our current exchange student, decided to take up a new sport while here for her year.

This week the baseball team she has been playing in all season won The Victorian Summer Baseball league Women’s Division 3 grand final!

“I’ll probably look for a local team when I get back home” Lea said before the finals, clearly enjoying the experience even without the premiership win under her belt.

Not new to competition level sport, Lea has played European Hand Ball at an elite level back at home, but couldn’t connect with any local teams upon arriving here.

Their loss is the Doncaster Dragons gain. Well done to Lea ahead the local women’s team.