Thank you – NYSF opportunity

Breanna Teo - NYSF
David Chua provides a thank you to Breanna Teo for her address covering the sponsored experience at National Youth Science Forum

Thank you.  These were the opening words from Breanna Teo as she provided an outline of the opportunity, challenge and career setting insights that she gained through her experience at National Youth Science Forum, in January 2019.

Breanna outlined the program, in particular the use of key leaders in science to provide the group with smaller working groups – amongst the site visits for Breanna was a visit to Oliphant House – as she was a member of the Oliphant group – this was most poignant.   (Readers who are unfamiliar with the accomplishments of Sir Marcus Laurence Elwin Oliphant, can click here for the Wikipedia link to his background).

It was clear from the presentation that Breanna has had the opportunity to reflect on the fields of science she would like to pursue.

Readers who are interested in the Rotary sponsored opportunity for National Youth Science Forum should refer to the reference site page which is here

The Rotary Club of Templestowe would welcome enquiry from any resident of the City of Manningham who is keen to apply for a competitive position to attend NYSF in January 2020.  Applications are now open and close in May 2019.