Are you a pig?

Year of the pig image

In addition to the Year, there are also elements associated with each year that the Year of the Pig arrives.

Year and Element Characteristics
1935, 1995 – Wood Pig People born in a Pig year corresponding to the Wood element are good-natured, lovely, easygoing, and brave. They are able to face difficulties due to their great endurance.

They get along well with their friends and colleagues, although they can also be rather irritable and act hastily when they think of something

1947, 2007 – Fire Pig People for whom the Pig sign and the Fire element overlap are rather dependent on others in life, so they are suited to cooperative jobs, and are prone to being successful if they learn a professional skill.

They are always brimming with great ambition, being fond of setting up enterprises of their own, and they also get along well with their friends and partners in work.

1959, 2019 – Earth Pig Communicative, popular among their friends, with a strong sense of time keeping.  The Destiny of Earth Pigs: Lucky

They are born lucky in life and are well-versed in managing financial issues. They have a slim chance of making unexpected money and have to work very hard to earn money.

Earth Pigs are very rich at middle age due to their hard work in their earlier years; therefore, they can expect to live comfortably during old age.

1971, 2031 – Gold Pig Broad-minded, amicable, and willing to help others People of the Gold element and Pig sign are broad-minded, amicable, and willing to help others. They value personal loyalty very much, and they also remember gratitude and try to repay it.
1923, 1983 – Water Pig People born in a year of the Pig with the Water element agreeing work earnestly and are rather subjective in life. They insist on doing things in their own way, even though they may face difficulties, and they never feel regretful of their failures.

Water Pigs don’t have much need for money as they don’t have an extravagant or wasteful lifestyle; however, the chances for them to make a great fortune in life are great