Setting the standard, high

Wednesday January 31, 2019

Ken Mirams.jpg
Ken Mirams – Youth Protection Officer – with an engaging and interactive presentation on youth protection, our obligations and how to be the leading organisation in our community.

Those who joined us on Wednesday evening learned some key aspects of the principles behind the Youth Protection legislation and the way our club, brings that legislation to life.

The confronting message that in 2016/17 there were almost 380,000 cases reported in Australia – over 1,000 per day was a stark reminder of the importance, to our organisation of not only ensuring that our membership, our processes, and our programs are leading examples to our community, but also raising the awareness that this is a community problem that requires action and solutions.

Child Abuse Cases graph.png
356,000 cases  of child abuse reported in 2015/16 and the figures for 2016/17 are almost 380,000