Andrew Day – CEO, City of Manningham

Wednesday January 23, 2019

andrew day - ceo manningham

As the first hundred days in the role, draws to a close, Andrew Day took up the invitation to address Templestowe Rotary Club and shared some insights into our City, and its management.

Our City and its management is vastly more than rates, roads and rubbish. In fact there are over 80 services for which our Council is responsible.

A snapshot of the City of Manningham:

  • 114 square kilometers of which 17% is open space
  • Ancestry of our citizens includes Chinese, English, Australian, Italian and Greek – being the largest demographic groups.
  • Capital budget is $39 million
  • Assets under management is $2.3 billion
  • Income is $141 million

The key challenges highlighted included:

  • Managing the growth of the City, with particular emphasis on the North East Link and the emerging challenges of e-waste.
  • 80% of the business in the City is small business

The strategic focus of the City of Manningham is, and remains:

  • Planning for the sustainable program of infrastructure upgrade
  • Building a financial reserve for the ‘unforeseen’
  • Diversifying the sources of revenue
  • Enhancing the ratepayer experience
  • Looking to innovate as the thinking that created the issues of today, will not solve the issues of today.

An informative, engaging and lively presentation – we look forward to a long and close relationship with the management teams at our Council.