Emma writes…

January 2019

01 -Friend and me.png
Emma and her host sister

Landing in Germany and hosted by the Rotary Club of Giessen Altes Schloss, Emma has sent a few words covering the first couple of weeks of her exchange experience.

Taken from the monthly report form – we can learn

School, friends and social activities:

School is currently good, challenging for I don’t know what is being said for a lot of it, but I can say that I am doing really well in my English class! As for activities outside of school, my host mother, sister and I were thinking of taking up tennis. I have made a few friends in school so far which is great! I have only met one other exchange student so far and very briefly, so I look forward to meeting others/ seeing the one I meet again. So far my only social activities include things with my host family (which have been amazing) but I look forward to updating you more in future reports!

01 - The stain glass windows in the church at Marburg.png
Windows from the church in the visit to Marburg

Travel and experience:

My host family and I visited Marburg, a town near Giessen to visit the castle and the church there. This was an amazing experience because my mother’s family actually used to live in Marburg many, many years ago. I might also possibly be visiting Frankfurt for a day this weekend with a friend from school.

We look forward to the next update from Emma as the youth experience unfolds, in Germany.