Jamie writes

November……… the year’s end is approaching quite quickly isn’t it?

But I’ll let you know I am spending as much of the time I have left, doing everything I love! And really making the most of it. My month started with a visit to the autumn market in Basel that was full of roller coasters, amazing food and stalls everywhere with an amazing light display.

SSunset shotpeaking of light display, now that its winter we are having beautiful late sunrises and erly sunsets with a gorgeous array of colours 🙂 😊


Barcelona was a blast and the team I traveled with was also amazing, so friendly and very multicultural. The team was made up of 7 girls and 8 guys that were South American, Czech, German, Swiss or Australian 😊 Our team was one of the best in the tournament and we walked out with second place after loosing to only one team earlier in the weekend and in the grand final.

Baseball shot

My coach awarded me with the MVP (most valued player) award for our team for the weekend, which was a real honour.

We had such a great time in the city and on the field, these guys will be long-life friends and I really hope I can come back to play with them all again.

it was a normal day at school here in Switzerland when all of a sudden we saw snow starting to fall to indicate winter is here. Me and my classmates ran out of our sport lesson, but I was obviously the most excited and the standout exchange student for a couple minutes.  I can’t wait to go snowboarding with my host family again and see the gorgeous alps.

Snow shot.pngTo top off the snow subject, I had my final Rotex weekend in Zermatt and was fortunate enough to see the Matterhorn with all my exchange friends. If was perfect weather and a stunning view of the ´chocolate mountain´. We had a wonderful weekend full of laughs, dancing and flag signing.

Its sad realizing I won’t see half of this brilliant inbound group again, but I’m sure I can reach out to them when I go traveling later on in life.


Thank you to the Rotary Club of Templestowe for giving me this amazing experience.