A conversation with Rosalind McMorrow

Wednesday December 5, 2018

Rotary offers many opportunities to contribute.  The motto ‘Service above Self’ is an indic

Ros - School in Vietnam
The building which served for both teaching and accommodation.

ator of the size of the opportunity that exists, for every member, every day.

A teacher by training with a passion for English, literature and theology Rosalind took us through the journey of opportunities to contribute.  The main focus of the presentation was the current project which brings together Rosalind and her gift of teaching, the mission focus of Sacred Heart Girls’ College Oakleigh and the enduring spirit of the founder of Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions, by whom the College was founded.

Selected by the College, Ros has traveled to Vietnam to teach English in a convent for a number of years.  The exercise takes over the September school break.  Using the relationships with her Rotary Club – Chadstone Malvern East and other clubs in the cluster Ros has brought not only the gift of fluent English, but working alongside the sisters she has enabled the donated funds from the Rotary Clubs to be used very directly in life changing small projects.

The provision of a sewing machine was just one example – the machine means that the

Ros - English class 2018
One of the classes of novitiates who undertook two weeks of conversation classes.

family to whom it is given can generate income through contract piece work sewing, and also through undertaking larger projects that are in turn sold returning income to the home, and in turn to the village.

In sharing the story, Ros gave credit to the Rotary Club of Oakleigh who work closely with the students at the College, providing them with the opportunities in a number of Rotary programs.