In the swim….

As the summer season approaches, it is time to turn our minds to the swimming pool and/or spa in the back yard (or indoors if you own one that is fully enclosed).

There are a number of thoughts that run through the checklist at this time:

  • Where should the pH of the pool water be?
  • What is the relationship of pool chlorine to water pH levels?
  • Is soda ash and baking soda the same thing?
  • Can I/should I put chlorine in the spa?

There are many ways to address these questions, one way is using the network that is part of our Rotary club.  James Angeleviski – a member of our club is an expert in these areas.  One of the many benefits of membership in a Rotary Club (especially the Rotary Club of Templestowe) is that not only is there the opportunity to work in the community, and put back into our community, but in doing so you meet a wide variety of people from different trades and professions, who share the same ideals.

Much better than a Google search, don’t you agree?

For contact details for James – please see the entry under Featured Members on our web site.