A summary of our year to date…

Dan Hession, took a little time to reflect on the activity in the last four months:

  • We now have our weekly newsletter with a fully digital presence, first on our website, and then through to our Facebook page.  Thank you to Brian Negus, Diane Fisher and Felix Wong. Our social media access and exposure is continually being updated and reviewed in line with members’ needs and Rotary initiatives.
  • We have inducted two new members into our club this year, Megan Watts and Linda Mackenzie.
  • Our major project for the year, the shade sails for Bulleen Heights Secondary School is well under way with the first shade erected during the last set of school holidays on the junior campus. Rod and his team are moving forwards in developing positive interactions between ourselves, the school and the school parent community.
  • We have been able to access grants from different community groups and Rotary District Matching Grants, to move the Shade Sails project ahead.  We are able to further support this endeavour through selling the car raffle tickets that Rosina has sourced.  This is one of the projects that our Manningham Family Fair will be supporting in November.
  • Our involvement in “Finn’s” is evolving as we
    • a) move to a formed committee approach with each member having defined roles,
    • b) enter into various relationships with community groups in organising and running this event; the latest being with the Victorian Police and their provision and support for the barbecue.
  • These interactions are broadening our community capital in ensuring the success of this event whilst lessening the physical input required by individual members.  The team is achieving the goals the club set them!
  • We have again been able to run two Sausage Sizzles per month at Eltham Bunnings for the next four months. These bbqs are a great fund raiser for us and I congratulate everyone who has taken part so far and encourage your future involvement.
  • David Chua has been working extremely constantly in his Youth Director portfolio.
    • a) We have welcomed our present student Lea Rohner from Switzerland. Lea is a wonderful exchange student; listening to her last Wednesday discuss a number of topics at our table I was impressed with the maturity of the concepts and backing discussions she presented.  An inspirational person in her own right.
    • b) This year a new Rotaract Club is being established, sponsored by the four Rotary Clubs in the City of Manningham.
    • c) We have sponsored Breanna Teo to participate in the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra in January of next year.
    • d) The Primary School Speech Competition; this year we are expanding the program we currently offer to a further five schools in the area.  In 2019 there will be two competitions sponsored by The Rotary Club of Templestowe.
  • In 2018 we saw the closure of our clubs immediate involvement of the Art Building Children’s Dreams (Australia) Inc. program. Through the diligent work of our Treasurer Janis McFarland, we have ensured that the correct procedures are in place to guarantee sponsorship of students for 2019 in Fiji.

No doubt there will be even more when we check the form guide on Wednesday night.  We hope that you’ll join us.