November 2, 2018

We hear, again from Jamie Bastian*..

Pumpkin ImageOctober!!!!!!! “Spooktober”
First weekend in October I was in Italy……. playing a softball tournament……. Why else???😂 I mentioned it in my last report but didn’t have any photos to go along with it and now I have a couple.

And next stop Barcelona!!!! My host family and I travelled with the Barcelona imageCampervan, about 12 hours on the road- to be honest I slept majority of both ways. We explored the beach for a day and then the city for the rest of the week, by the way… Spain is beautiful. A lot of tourists throughout the whole city but we got Churchto visit some beautiful places like the Sagrada Familia, the most magnificent church in the world, absolutely stunning and is has been in the making for 8 years and is estimated to be finished in 2026. We visited the aquarium and had a nice time there learning and looking at the fish, it started to remind me of home with all the wildlife from the ocean.Fish tank.jpg

I am definitely making good friends at school, maybe because I can communicate with them better now or maybe just because I’m friendly but I got an invitation  to a school friend’s birthday party and the dress code was someone from a musical. Anyone that really knows me would Sandy - Grease.jpgunderstand that it was not an easy task finding a character I liked or wanted to dress up as but we settled on Sandy from Grease and I had a really good time, with a little help from my host sisters with preparations .

I was also asked by my baseball team whether i would like to be a part of a small advertisement video for the club and naturally I said “yes”.

We had a lot of fun filming but as you can guess it took a very long time. they were lovely people and we played a bit of a scratch match teaching the locals how to play.

The video will come out on Swiss television on the 7th of January, just after I come back to Australia, but it is possible to watch it online nevertheless.

*Jamie is in Switzerland as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student.

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