September, and Jamie writes…

New readers to our web site, may like to catch up on Jamie’s experiences as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student – we’ve linked the past blogs to the end of this one.

This month was pretty cool, started off with my phone deciding to die and now I’m living off an Iphone 4 (*weeps softly*), aha it isn’t so bad just means I cant take as many good photos as previous reports.

I had another pretty crazy month…

End of Baseball Season

Baseball season is over after a good effort from our team, we got into finals and won the first game, lost the second game and went into a three hour game as the grandfinal and walked out with second place. Our whole team was very good with the loss and we still got a trophy.

I had a Rotex weekend in Thun and met all the new inbounds as well as some from my group, we played some really cool games and had a Rotex Weekendgreat night sharing a dessert from our host country. And half of the group woke up early to watch the sunrise which was gorgeous over the lake. Was a great weekend and I can’t wait for the next one in Zermatt!!

Next stop, Germany!

My first host dad, the new inbound for my club- Gio and I went to Europa park, the biggest theme park in Germany and the second most popular theme park in Europe. We had a blast and went on so many rides, we had to wait quite awhile in lines but I would say it was worth it. They also have different sections of the park and they have country themes, roller-coasters from Austria or Spain and different restaurants from each country hence the name Europa park 😋

I changed families last week and I cant wait to settle in and get to know them better- but I know that as soon as I fully settle in it will be time for me to pack up and come back to Australia. Time is flying by and I cant seem to catch it and tell it to slow down.

highropesOur class had a fun day and we hiked for an hour and a half to get to a highropes course where we stayed for 5 hours or so and had a picnic then went back down the hill with scooters.  We had heaps of fun but were very tired after the steep hike.

I went to Italy on the weekend for a softball tournament with a mixed Basel team, they were all so funny and nice, we had a blast and we didn’t do too badly either, we ended up in fourth position just out of reach of a prize. but had an awesome weekend anyway!!

Thank you to the members of the Rotary club of Templestowe for giving me this amazing opportunity!!

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