How did you spend September 21?

It was PInternational Day of Peaceace Day 2018. The United Nations General Assembly unanimously approved a resolution in 1981 (sponsored by the United Kingdom and Costa Rica) that created the very first International Day of Peace. Global communities increasingly embraced the UN’s idea of greeting neighbors, welcoming strangers and creating a more peaceful world, annually, on September 21st, or World Peace Day. On Peace Day, we all join together to declare peace as a collective conscious choice, and as our path to a brighter future. Peace Day 2018 celebrations are happening now in Italy and Afghanistan. Peace is celebrated today in Bangladesh, Colombia, Hong Kong, Juba, South Sudan, and in countless communities worldwide. See the United Nations Peace Day 2018 Events Map.

The historic UN resolution that established the International Day of Peace indicates Peace Day as a collective effort of the UN General Assembly to create a culture of peace, emphasize the importance of nonviolence, and bring an intentional focus to peace as a right for all people. Peace Day reminds us of our responsibility to establish peace in our communities and nations. International Day of Peace is proclaimed as a day for all humanity to celebrate our collaborations for positive peace. It is also a day for nations to cease all hostilities, so vital humanitarian aid can be delivered to vulnerable populations.

Peace is the first area of focus in Rotary. Educating, empowering and engaging Rotarians for peace is RAGFP’s core mission. Rotary clubs worldwide and the 1.2 million Rotarians are our inspiration. Rotarians come from all nations, religions, cultures, races, languages, ideologies, and factions. However, they all work for the advancement of humanity and world peace. Our Rotarian Action Group For Peace (RAGFP) members lead peace as a focus within their Rotary clubs and promote mutual understanding in their communities.

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