Die Baseballspierlerin

August 29, 2018

An insight into the world of Jamie Bastian as she shares with us a published article:

Catcher - Jamie
Jamie Bastian (16) ist eine der wenigen Baseballerinnen in der Schweiz und die einzige Frau, die in der NLA spielt.

Jamie, du lebst in Australien und verbringst gerade ein Jahr in der Schweiz. Was hat dich hierhin gebracht?

I’m on an exchange Year in Switzerland, I had choices to go to other countries in Europe, Brazil or Taiwan and I found Switzerland the most appealing. I love snowboarding and the mountains so Switzerland was the right choice for that.


Wo lebst du in Australien?

I come from Victoria- Melbourne from the suburbs in a very beautiful area.

In Australia I play with the Doncaster Dragons Baseball Club, I have played there for a little over 10 years, they are a very good club in talent and as a community.
Here in Switzerland I play with the Sissach Frogs baseball club, I attended my first training in February and will hopefully train with them until I leave. I am the only girl in the club but I have grown up playing baseball with boys and I also have two older brothers, so I know how to stand my ground. The whole team made me feel very welcomed when I arrived.

Ist in Australien diese Sportart verbreitet bei Frauen?

It is more common in Australia for women to play baseball, I play in a women’s team

With the bat
In welchem Club spielst du hier in der Schweiz? Und in Australien?

with players from 15-35 years old. In my juniors team there are also 5 girls, And in my men’s team there is also another girl. I would say that women’s baseball is growing in Australia which is great for the federation.

Was vermisst du am meisten hier in der Schweiz?

I definitely miss my sister the most, she is 18, has Down-Syndrome and she is the sweetest thing in the world, I love her so much. I miss my women’s baseball team in Australia because i have so many friendships within the team but I know I’ll pick everything back up when I go back. There are a lot of things I miss from Australia but nothing so big it causes me problems here, I love Switzerland and I know I will miss ‘the land of chocolate’ more when I go back at the start of the year.

Das Austauschjahr von Jamieson (Jamie) Bastian wurde vom Rotary Club Sissach Oberbaselbiet ermöglicht. Die Schülerin ist für je vier Monate in drei verschiedenen Gastfamilien untergebracht. Ziel dieses Austauschjahres ist die Sprache (Deutsch) und die Schweizerkultur näher kennen zu lernen.




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