Imagine – Rotary with no meeting travel!

Wednesday, August 29 – e-Club of Melbourne – Gabe Hau – Club President

Gabe Hua and the e-Club.jpg

Gabe Hau, President of the e-Club of Melbourne shared with us a presentation on the dynamics of an e-Club.

The benefits:

  • There is less travel – as meetings are held as a dial in – with visuals if you chose to use the Zoom platform (free to subscribers)
  • Wins the prize for time efficiency
  • You can participate – even when commuting as you can listen in to the meeting
  • Speakers are recorded – so the sessions can be played again, later
  • No venue costs, no meal costs

The challenges:

  • Getting to know other members is through less frequent face to face occasions – including social and project gatherings.
  • As members can be from anywhere in the world, some members are joining the meeting in different time frames.

Currently a club of 10 members the e-Club has members from several states in Australia and a couple in overseas locations.

The eClub of Melbourne welcomes visitors and can be contacted at e-Club of Melbourne  if you contact them, you can join their meeting which occurs on 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.