Jamie writes, from Switzerland

Looking back on July, 2018

Off to Thunsee

Boy oh boy, an action-packed July it was indeed! It began by saying farewell to my oldie Rafeala, I waved her goodbye from the airport and was definitely a struggle, but had many other friends there feeling the same way.    Visited the Biel\Bienne lake swimming and mucking around the whole day, and then went off with my host family for a couple days into Thunsee and had a few chill days before I headed off onto my farm for two weeks.

I was stoked to find out I would be working with the animals my entire stay, it was my

Animal collage
Some of the animals!

job to feed the lambs and sheep everyday along with the birds and hens, but I definitely found the cows and calves the cutest. I was fortunate enough to have another girl my age helping out too, however she was from the French part of Switzerland and we spoke English majority of the time. We had so much fun together sharing the babysitting role of our bosses grandchildren who were so gorgeous, but I’m still glad I’m the youngest in my family.

Baseball team
Baseball camp


The day after my farm work finished I headed off to Tenero for a second time to participate in my baseball teams junior training camp. I had such a blast, absolutely loved the entire week, even the 6am workout sessions. Every day we played baseball and trained and I met so many kids and made so many friends from all over Switzerland.

The first of August:  the national day of Switzerland and it turns out that its not very big in Switzerland- they just have a BBQ and some fireworks, but I think everyone was thrilled to see me running around with a Swiss flag all day. Half our group including me went on a tree high ropes course and had a blast, completing the extreme course which definitely tested out our muscles, but don’t worry the boys managed to keep up. I had an amazing time and got to practice a little German with the younger ones, and felt especially proud when I had to translate the German into English for the American/French guy.

Was hard to say goodbye to everyone at the end after spending a whole week camping and training together but I hope to see them again before I leave.

That basically sums up my July, and I must say that it was probably my favourite part of the year……. so far.

Thank you all once again for giving me this amazing opportunity to experience the best year anyone could ever ask for!!!!!!

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