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Wednesday August 22, 2018

Anya Murray & Thomas Dawe
All These Creatures – Palme d’Or Short feature film award 2018

Thomas Dawe, Anya Murray and Diane Fisher expressing our thanks for the presentation and the privileged viewing of All These Creatures

With a focus on metal health, public education and challenged to make mental health a topic as conversational as any of our physical afflictions, Anya & Thomas provided a brief to the film maker.  The City of Dandenong has the largest cultural diversity of any local government area and was keen to communicate, communicate widely and to provide community education.

The results of this project have been rewarding and unexpected.  The result of the efforts is a short film call All These Creatures which runs for just under 15 minutes and is powerful, insightful, and educational.  The story focuses on a male teen and his reflections of the changes in his father – the challenges to all the family members, the coping strategies and the musings and enquiry of the mind of a young man.

The film was awarded the Palme d’Or in Cannes 2018 festival and is continuing to be recognised and rewarded in the film festival circuit, after which it will be released for viewing.  All These Creatures was the only Australian work to make the short list for the Short Film category.

The benefits that have accrued to City of Dandneong following this initiative:

  • Another film is being made, in the main streets of Dandenong, bringing the economic benefit of the film crew and their needs for food, accommodation and extras
  • One of the students who worked on All These Creatures has found a job in the film industry.
  • The coverage of the accomplishment has brought significant, positive coverage about the City of Dandenong.
  • The film is sparking conversations about mental health, the impacts, the outcomes, and how essential a community is in supporting each person in the community.

There won’t be a spoiler alert in this blog, but there is a serious recommendation to find the opportunity to see the film.