Youth speaks and we listen!

Wednesday August 15, 2018

It was easy to be overwhelmed with the confidence and competence of presentations we enjoyed.

Our Rotary Youth Exchange Student – Lea gave a short introduction to herself and the life that she calls “home”.  We learned:

    • Switzerland (Lea’s home) is 186 times smaller than Australia!
    • She comes from a small alpine country village called Appenzell
    • We were shown some beautiful landscape photos of snow covered mountains and lakes – everyone went Wow!
    • Lea enjoy handball and various skiing sports
    • Lea lives with Dad & Mum and older brother and lots of farm animals
    • Dad is a cook who enjoys cooking with home-grown produce

Bruce Evans highlighted our club’s accomplishments in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, Lea is the 31st incoming student , we have provided the opportunity to have an impact on the lives of 62 students (incoming and outgoing), from across the globe.