Three voices who are changing the world

Wednesday August 15, 2018

Three powerful presentations recapping the success of the Primary Schools’ Speech Competition:

    • David (St Charles Borromeo, Templestowe):  “What is the best scientific invention ever”. Spoke confidently on Electricity, with no notes!
    • Zahra (Serpells Primary, Templestowe): “If I could change one thing in the world”.  A powerful speech on Bullying, and encouraging us to make everyday “R U OK Day”.
    • Gemma ((St Charles Borromeo, Templestowe): “Does Advertising Influence Our Food Choices”.  An entertaining speech that highlighted the different ways ads catch your attention, make you hungry, and encourage “pester power”.

In presenting the vote of thanks Trevor Dawson expressed the collective thoughts of the room when he said: “we are all in awe of how confident and polished all three of you were”.

This year, we will have another four schools joining us in the program

  • Birralee Primary,
  • Doncaster Gardens,
  • St Gregory the Great,
  • St Clement of Rome

making it a total of 11 schools, which we will run in two programs.

For more information about our Primary Schools Speech Competition, this link will take you to our “Contact Us” page.