A conversation with Aveo…

Aveo Presentation Team
Ken Sharpe – Rotary Club of Templestowe with Katherine Leonardos and Murray Wilson – both from Aveo Freedom Aged Care – who gave an informative and myth busting presentation.

Wednesday August 8

We heard from Murray Wilson and Katherine Leonardos from the Aveo Retirement Village Group.

Murray is Group Communities Manager and Katherine is Territory Sales Manager at Aveo Freedom Aged Care. Murray was also a Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Rowville Lysterfield, and is currently Vice President.

Katherine and Murray shared with us the trends towards retirement villages and living; busting some of the myths that can exist around retirement villages; lifestyle opportunities that exist in retirement villages today; and, other facts about the current state and future directions in retirement lifestyles and living.

The main feature of the Aveo offering is centered around their “Live Well Program”. This encompasses provision of facilities which encourage “Getting Physical”, providing opportunities for the residents to socialise, take part in group exercise programs, take visits or trips as a group, or live independently. Health and wellbeing were key matters which Katherine and Murray discussed.

Katherine provided details of the financial aspects of living in a Retirement Village, covering the upfront costs, the ongoing maintenance and operating costs, and the exit conditions, fees, and payout to the resident or estate. Members will recall that this issue was featured in the media a little time ago, so Katherine was keen to ensure there was clarity about this matter. She also stressed that Aveo had reviewed their terms and conditions and cost structures quite recently, which, now include a 21-day cooling off period, the longest in the industry.

We finished with a well-informed Q&A covering more details of the location of the villages, costs, lifestyle offerings and programs.