An inspiring (and busy) week


It has been a busy week for members of the club; with Brian and Brian representing us at the Friday District Membership seminar;  thirty two members and partners attending our first fellowship event of the year, and the club manning the barbecue for Days For Girls on Sunday at lunchtime.

Friday District Membership Seminar:

Thank to the “Brians” for attending the Seminar.  It is important that we utilise these learning opportunities presented by the District Support Team to assess our own activities and look for ways to progress as a club.

Base Camp:

Belinda and I were happy to welcome you to our home before the meal.  Conversations were flowing and members were enjoying the opportunity to mix in this relaxed atmosphere.  The dinner at Base Camp was also a place of conviviality and enjoyable interaction between members, partners and family members.  The meal that was presented was plentiful and delicious.  Thank you to Graham for organising the evening for the club, and to Ken Sharpe for maintaining interest in the occasion while Graham was away.

Days for Girl’s barbeque:

On Sunday we provided a sausage sizzle lunch for the hard working participants of the Day’s For Girls Day held at Whitefriars College.  Days for Girls aims to promote the attendance of girls at school by providing sanitary pads for girls in economically challenged countries.  The boys from the college engaged fully in the sessions of preparing the kits.  They were confident in their approach to the sewing machines and overlockers; another Giorgio Armani in the making?   Thank you to James Cunningham and Michael Mimmo for giving up time to ensure that the participants on the day were well fed in a timely way.  It was a great opportunity to spread our presence into the wider community.

And looking forward:

This week we welcome the finalists from the Primary School Speech Competition and listen to  Lea Rohner, our hosted exchange student, give a brief account of her background in Switzerland.    Last year we were all suitably impressed with the level of presentation and content brought forward by the finalists in their presentations.   I recommend that you extend the invitation to partners, family members and friends to enjoy the presentations from the students and to get our know our exchange student, Lea, a little more fully

Theme 18-19

Yours in Rotary,

Dan Hession