Drought relief – we can help


What a great presentation we had from Sofie De Lesantis last Wednesday on “Planning for a more active Victoria”.  Sofie outlined the considerations and actions being undertaken by her department to combat the issue of obesity within our wider community.  Heads up to Megan, whose initial response was to forego the dessert for the evening.

At our meeting we were able to greet Lea Rohner to the club.  Lea is our exchange student for this year.  Please note the “our”.  It is the responsibility of all and each Rotarian to make Lea feel welcomed and valued in our Templestowe Rotary community.  I appreciate the time and dedication that Bruce and Valerie Evans have put into greeting Lea on our behalf and settling her into school and the Melbourne experience.  I also thank the Bastian family for their role as the first host family for Lea’s stay with us.  The success of Lea’s time with us lies with the whole club in involving Lea in a variety of activities.

Last Friday evening I attended the President’s meeting with the District Governor.  A number of issues were raised and developed.  The first I bring to your attention is the drought situation that is affecting increasing areas of the Australian community.  Rotary Australia has entered into a partnership with Channel 9 and the National Farmers’ Federation in regard to  “ 2018 Drought Relief Fund for Australian Farmers – RAWCS Project.”  More information to come at our next meeting**.

The second issue from this meeting that I wish to share with you is the use of websites to promote the good we do in the community.  As I listened to the speaker I felt  proud of the work carried out by Diane, Felix and Brian Negus in presenting our external face to the wider community.  Well done one and all.

There are many projects coming up in the months to come.  As a club of inspirational members none is beyond our capabilities.

Theme 18-19

Yours in Rotary,

Dan Hession

** Click here for the Channel 9 coverage of the Rotary/ NFF/ Channel 9 partnership.